Graceful, Powerful, Inspiring.

Speciality Class – Aerial Yoga

The Key Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

Total Body Workout
Mind and Body balancing
De-compression and elongation of the spine
More Balanced Push and Pull Upper body strethening
Supportive to Assit Development of Yogic Practice/Postures
Assisted Stretching to enable Myo Fascial release
More Core Activation than Regular Yogic Practice
Graceful fluid Movements
Fun and Innovative

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10 Class Pass
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Why Choose Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is fast becoming a popular practice amoungst the more discerning Yogi’s, and educated fitness finatics alike. However this form of Yogic Practice is fabulous whether you wish to use the supportive mechanism of the silk aerial hammock in order to assist you into basic or advanced moves. The silk hammocks can be used for suppotive stretching, making it easier to target those tight zones, or deepen the flexibility range of the muscle. Suspended Yoga strengthens your core, whilst increasing spinal and shoulder flexibility. The pulling motion in Aerial Yoga, combined with the pushing Motion in regular yoga, makes for a more balanced upper body strength, posture and shoulder alignment. Inversion work can be taken to the next level, with the silk hammocks again providing a supportive base to advance moves, such as the shoulder stand. For those who simple wish to hang upside down, it can help ease tension in the hip and spinal chord, assisting in the healing of back problems. As with all yogic practice, mind and body connection is imperitive! after class your mental and physical neurology is more balanced, your happy hormones are free flowing, leaving you with a more vibrant energy and clarity/peace of mind.

What to Expect In Your Aerial Yoga Class

Expect an awesome workout with this fabulous creation combining aspects of Yoga, Pilates, Acrobatics and Dance. The Aerial Silks provide a fabulous supportive piece of equipment, whether you simply need a helping hand to get into those tight zones whilst keeping balance, or you wish to head into the more advanced acrobactic style moves. It’s Fun, it’s Engaging and we have a laugh trying out new tricks. A wondefully designed calisthenic style practice, bringing balance to both body and mind.

What to Bring or Wear In Your Aerial Yoga Class

As usual these classes are done bare foot, we recommend a fitted top and shorts made a lycra style fabric, and please remember to take off ALL jewellery before class so as not to snag the silks.