Graceful, Powerful, Inspiring.

Studio Class – Barre Workouts

The Key Benefits Of Barre

A Powerful, Graceful, Workout.
Low Impact and Fat Burning with incredible Results.
Get The Legs and Glutes of a Ballet Dancer.
Increased Muscular Strength and Endurance
Improved Postural Alignment.
Increased Flexibility and Lean Muscle Development.
Strengthen Your Core Whilst Improving Balance and Co-Ordination.
An Upbeat, Endorphine.

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Why choose Barre Class

Barre is an incredibly strengthening workout using Isometric Movements to Help Target those hard to reach places often missed out during regular strength training. Barre classes are very Leg and Glute focused, which are major and highly important muscles that are frankly needed to get us where we need to go! If you have ever admired the legs of a dancer, well now’s your chance to start training the way they do. Just like our Reformer Pilates Classes you are likely to discover muscles that you didn’t even know were there. By working deep core and stabalising muscle groups, Barre is an Intelligent workout that supports both injury prevention and rehabilitation. It’s a practice that can carry you through time with both strength and grace, and is suitable for all levels with progressions and regressions to suit both your bodies needs and ability. We love Barre as it fits in our exercise ethos in so many ways, it develops functional strength keeping your body stronger for longer, leaner, more flexible, and agile. Barre encourages a whole lot of neural and muscular communication, once more bringing about greater mind body balance and inner peace.

What to Expect In Your Barre Class

Expect a Powerful and Dynamic Workout, with a strong focus on Leg and Glute Strengthening, start getting that Ballerina physique. Attend this Graceful workout with some inspiring music,and enjoy the endorphine effect. Leave no muscle unturned, and reap the benefits that this intelligent exercise practice have to offer both the body and mind.