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Studio Class - Hot Yoga

The Key Benefits of Hot Yoga

Combine movement and breath to release tension and stress
Enhance flexibility and blood flow using the healing effect of
infra Red Heat
Effective injury Prevention and rehabilitation
Improved core strength and postural alignment
Develop greater balance and co-ordination
Increase muscular range and activation
Infra Red Heat boosts the detoxifying effect of regular yogic practice
A holistic approach incorporating mind, body, spirit

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Why Choose Our Hot Yoga

Yoga has taken many forms over many years, with it’s world wide recognition of the powerful and positive effects regular yogic practice has on both body and mind. Here at Mojo we have devised a truly transformational workout, taking some of the best aspects yoga has to offer in a strong, fluid, vinyasa inspired series. Add infra red heat and accelerate many of these healing properties, whilst gently increasing flexibility and helping to releave joint pain.

Our carefully crafted yogic sequencing has been devised to restore your bodies natural energy and vitality, whilst reducing stress hormones (cortisol), and bringing about greater balance to your entire endocrine system. Weightloss can occur more naturally as reduced cortisol helps to regulate blood sugar, lessens stress and reduces the likely hood of emotional eating. Our chosen yoga sequences have been planned to optimise energy flow, stimulate the eliminatory organs and boost detoxification.

Your class concludes with the powerful practice of breath and meditation taking you on a journey to inner peace, calm and bliss. This is when your energy really starts to flow as both physical/mental tensions and resistance are released.

What to expect from your Hot Yoga Class

You will be taken on an inner and outer journey of powerful, fluid movements, infused with the practise of calming and focused asanas (poses). Set to the background of soft lighting, relaxing music, incense and essential oils, all there to assist you in entering deeper states of consciousness, inner awareness and relaxation. Conclude your practice with focus on breath and meditation, which gives you the space to have deep, self-healing time and allows your body to restore its vital energies. Feel refreshed and healthy, with greater focus and improved ability to handle life’s challenges.