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Studio Class – Reformer Pilates

The Key Benefits Of Reformer Pilates

Strengthen your Core
Improve Posture and Manage Back Pain
Great for Pre and Post Natal
Build Lean, Flexible and Agile Muscles
Awaken Stabalising Muscles For Greater Joint Health
Fast Track Injury Recovery and Improve Your Sport
Ignite your nervous system for greater muscle activation
A Fabulous In Body Experience with this Fluid Whole Body Workout

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Why choose a Reformer Pilates Class

Our reformer pilaes classes will teach you to use muscles you may never knew you had!
It’s great for: stretching, strengthing, and toning your muscles in a balanced and functional way.
So if you want to build lean muscle, really strengthen that core or, rehabilitate an injury and help avoid future ones, then this is the perfect workout for you! The workouts are non-stop fluid movement patterns that are physically and mentally engaging, challenging, and most of all fun…
Come and try a class, chances are you’ll find them addictive!

What to expect in your Reformer Pilates Class

In each class our friendly and expert instructors guide you through a series of exercises, providing variations and adaptations for all levels and abilities. The refomers are designed with a spring loaded mechanism that allows you to add or subtract weights etc according to your current strengths.
With a maximum class size of 11 there’s always plenty of time for individual attention and adjustments from your tutor.

Are All Reformer Classes The Same Style?

Each of our insructors have their own unique style here at Mojo – that’s why we, and our members, love them!
Looking for a slower paced class? Or how about a higher-energy style workout? We’ve got just the right instructor for you – check out our instructors and their style in the main menu to find the right fit for you!

Whole Body Workout

Reformer pilates classes are designed to stretch, strengthen, and tone every area of your body whilst also focusing on the mind body connection. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a great workout, calm, de-stressed, and stronger than before. Reformer classes are a step up from the matt as they are more targeted and encourage precision of movement, whilst smaller classes ensure extra attention and client tutor attention. When the body gets used to a certain exercise there is always the option to add more weight and the reformer has a far more diverse number of exercises that can be performed.