Experience Salt Yoga at Mojo Studios

Get Your Yoga Practice Salted, Open Your Heart Chakra and Calm Your Mind 5 Classes Only £45

We are excited to bring a new type of yoga to Mojo Studios that combines the benefits of yoga with breathing Himalayan salts. Experiencing a powerful yoga practice in our salt therapy room will help get your mind and body back on track.  

The Benefits

A Natural Aid In Clearing Post Viral Conditions

Clear up your Respiratory System

Give Your Skin a Boost

Uplift your Energy and Mind

Release Tension and Stress

Increase the energy of the Anaharta Chakra

Let go, Release and Breath Deeper than Before with Yoga and Salt Classes at Mojo Studios.

Salt Yoga Promo 5 Classes Only


Regular price from £20 with our rolling discounts

** Rolling Packages are a commitment of 2 Cycles, each 10 Class Pass has a 6 month validity **

Himalayan salts were first used by ancient philosophers and healers, for their endless health benefits. The last year of lockdowns and London lifestyle has taken a toll on both mental and physical health. The Anaharta chakra (heart chakra in yogic terms), is connected to the lungs, the clearer the lungs the more energy flows through this center. Clearing the lungs enables us to breathe more deeply, and in Indian philosophy we breathe in pranic energy (vital life force) . A healthy heart centre can be achieved both physically and emotionally, through a process of movement, breath, clearing and releasing stress, giving space to revitalise the body and cultivate physical and mental upliftment.  


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