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40% Off a 10 or 5 Class Barre Pass
Barre Is Back!
Get those Legs and Buns burning to some killer tunes, what’s to wait for? it’s time to trim down and tone up for party season now…

10 Class Pass Now ONLY £150 worth £250
5 Class Pass Now ONLY £75 worth £125

40% Off a 10 or 5 Class Salt Pass Breath Easy With Salt Yoga
Experience the Healing Benefits of
Salt Therapy combined with yoga
With your health in mind we have designed Clapham’s first Salt Studio, in a time when building our natural health and immunity is paramount. Our Salt Studio combinations the genius of Salt Therapy, Yoga and Breath Work to keep your respiratory system in optimal health. Im writing this as I’m 7 years without an asthma pump due to salt therapy, and I love yoga too, so we made this for you to love as well, a truly life lifting combination…..
PSSTT… we have the same generator and technology as salt caves that charge way up on our prices with around @ £32 – 35 drop in, then you just sit there and read a magazine, with yoga and mediation it’s not only more powerful, we made it more cost efficient as well and now we are handing it on a plate with this black friday deal…
10 Class Pass Now ONLY £150 worth £250
5 Class Pass Now ONLY £75 worth £125
Use Promo Code: BLACKFRI @ Checkout
So join us, breathe easy, keep strong and stay safer during the pandemic, our health is a stronghold to our immunity ….

25% Off a 10 or 5 Reformer Pass
Our timetable just increased
With more class times now available and new talent on our team we look forward to you continuing with your practice @ 25% Off
Use Promo Code: BLACKREF @ Checkout

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