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All the Benefits of Reformer Pilates Classes for a Fraction of the Price

The Key Benefits Of Follow Along Reformer Pilates

Work at your own pace – stop and start video and audio when you want.
Bring your own favourite exercises into your workout to reach personal goals.
Skip busy gyms and do pay as you go workouts on a reformer to target all muscle groups.
Choose from a variety of streamed videos with your favourite tutor at your favourite time.
Headphones provided to keep your guidance/teaching ques clear and easy to follow.
Follow Along Reformer Pilates Drop in £10 per session / £40 for 5. Each session is 55 mins long.

Why choose a to use a Reformer Pilates machine for your workouts

Reformer pilates machines are a fabulous piece of equipment, designed to work all muscle groups, with focus on fluidity of movement and core control. Learn how to make some fabulously strength enhancing moves and start to tailor your workouts to reach your personal goals. Reformer pilates machines are designed to build long, lean, flexible muscles and area favoured form of exercise from professional athletes to physios, and those who want to build a body made to last.

The movement patterns that can be performed on a reformer pilates machine are physically and mentally engaging, challenging, and most of all fun… so come and practice with follow along reformers, chances are you’ll find them addictive…

In each video our friendly and expert instructors guide you through a series of exercises, providing variations and adaptations for all levels and abilities. The Reformer Pilates Machines are designed with spring loaded mechanisms that allow you to add or subtract weight according to your current strengths.

Whole Body Workout

Reformer machines are designed to stretch, strengthen, and tone every area of your body whilst also focusing on the mind body connection. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a great workout, calm, de-stressed, and stronger than before. Reformer machines enable a greater variety and fluidity of movements, therefore maximising your workout time in many ways. 

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