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From the 29th of March Outdoors classes are now allowed.

From the 29th of March Outdoors classes are now allowed, so we are starting semi private Reformers training back on the balcony. It’s time to start getting strong and stretched together again

Classes are limited to 3, and we have overhead weather proofing for rain plus outdoor heaters, but you wont need them on for long. Maximum is 3 people per semi private training group, and we are going strong for 45 minutes per session. COVID safety guidelines are a top priority, we want you to get fit strong and stay safe.

Class Timetable:
7.30am, 9.30am, 12.00pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm Monday to Friday.
9.00am, 10.00am, 11.00am and 12.00pm Saturday to Sunday
Plus 3.00pm, 4.00pm and 5.00pm on Sunday

Prices are single drop in @ £30
or 5 Classes @ £125 (£25 per session)

Remaining credits on your account can be turned into equivalent value to match the prices above, alternatively keep your class credits until indoor group classes open Mid May.

As of April 12th our indoor facilities will also be open on a gym style basis for self-practice, or to follow along our daily class on your smart phone / tablet.

Launching Wholebody Cryotherapy Sessions

Incredible Launch Discounts and Super Immunity Boosting Package

Cold therapy has been around for a long time and well known for it’s numerous health and mood boosting benefits. With only around 3 minutes of your body being immersed in below freezing temperatures upto -180 degrees, a whole load of bodily functions get boosted: immune systems boosted, hormonal system boosted, metabolism boosted (between 500 – 800 Kcals burnt from 1 session) , mood boosted (endorphines released). The benefits are vast, the price is right, it’s time to booster our immunity, lift our mood, and get pain relief where needed.

Promotional Prices:
1 Session was £75 now only £37.50
5 sessions was £250 now only £165 save £85
10 Sessions was £450 now only £250 Save £200

10 sessions is our super immunity boosting package, numerous studies have concluded the benefits of 10 Sessions kept close together, including, Improved Mood (less anxiety and depression), Pain Relief (anti Inflamitary), Hormonal Improvements (menopause symptoms, hypothyroid and more), Neuroligical (such as  multiple sclerosis) and overall immunity. After your 10 sessions you may choose to do monthly maintenance sessions from there on.

Visit our promo page for more links to articles on the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy.

Sports Massage for Pain Releaf and Postural Alignment

Massage for Pain Management Under Government Guidelines We can Deliver Deep Tissue Massage to Manage Aches
and Pains

Has working from home or being less active left you feeling uncomfortable in your body?

Perhaps you have an injury that was managed before but now you find it hard during Lockdown to do so?

We are now taking bookings for massage to manage the above, and as always your health and safety are of great importance to us. With increased sanitisation and following Covid health and safety guidelines we are doing our best to keep our venue a safe place to be.

Prices as Follows:
60 Minutes £70  –  45 Minutes £50  –  30 Minutes £40

 Buy and Book 
If Booking 1 hour use code: 1HRPRO


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